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Drone Center

Salisbury Regional Airport is excited to announce the expansion of its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) facilities. We have applied to become a Lead Participant in the FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program. We have partnered with over 50 UAS operators to create the SBY UAS Center of Excellence.

The SBY UAS Center of Excellence is a leading research and operations facility with oversight by experts in military and civilian aviation, engineering, and project management. Our experts leverage decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to accelerate the safe, responsible application of UAS in public and private industries.

Drone Operations

Vertical flight ops area

SBY Regional Airport has a dedicated Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) area located within its Airport Business Park with a dedicated launch and recovery site. We will soon have an FAA waiver for drone operation in our Class D airspace. If you seek design, construction or operation space for your UAS business please contact the Salisbury Regional Airport Manager.

If you intend to operate your private or commercial drone within 5 miles of the SBY Airport please submit this application to the Salisbury Regional Airport Manager. If you intend to operate over an extended period of time please contact the SBY Airport Manager to establish a Letter of Agreement.

For information about UAS/drone operation click here. If you want to register your UAV with the FAA click here.

Advanced UAS technologies

UAS Drone Partners

Kilroy Aviation

An organization of highly trained, motivated specialists that provide expertise in aircraft Type Design, Modifications, Alterations, Parts Manufacturing, Repairs, Continued Airworthiness, and Continued Operational Safety. We have experience with Federal Aviation Administration Offices throughout the USA, Transport Canada, UAE DCGA, China CAAC, and EASA. We provide Client turnkey services from conceptual and practical methodologies for civil certification of a product to the preparation of a regulatory compliance data package and all the qualification aspects for aircraft installations in fixed and rotary wing aircraft types, piloted and pilot-less.

c/o Wicomico Regional Airport
5485 Airport Terminal Road, Unit A
Salisbury, MD 21804 USA

Office: 302-648-2213
Located inside the SBY terminal building